Recipes Worth Repeating

For those who just want to skip to the end, please enjoy this list of my latest revision recipes that are worth repeating.

Meringue Based Mocha Marshmallows: Test 1

The vanilla marshmallows relied on the heated sugar and the gelatin for its structure but David Lebovitz has a different approach in which he also adds meringue as part of the base. I felt that my marshmallow adventures just wouldn’t be complete without trying this out.

Sugar-Free Tangerine Marshmallows: Test 1

Marshmallows should be like biting into a sweet cloud. Like condensed cotton candy with a spring to it – gentle and delicate. This is what these recipes strive to achieve regardless of flavor.

Vanilla Marshmallows: Test 1

These classical vanilla marshmallows will blow away the store bought version. Light, airy, delicate, and richly vanilla flavored.

Pita Bread: Test 1

Pitas are a bread I grew up eating and have missed greatly. The pitas in the United States are these sad, dry things that only resemble what I ate as a child in that they have a pocket. My goal with this recipe is to achieve a pita that is light, fluffy, soft, and having a pocket would be nice too.

Two-Toned Croissant: Test 2

After failing test 1 with the freeze-dried strawberries, I decided to step back a bit and try a simpler version in which the basic croissant dough, sans embedded butter, were colored with simple gel food coloring. This test was significantly easier with results that were much more satisfying.

Basic Croissant Dough: Test 2

Croissants are by no means an easy bake but they are worthy of their time and effort. This is my second round of working with the croissant dough. This time I’ve tweaked the refrigeration time, changes how I cut the dough, and how I baked the final pastries.

Cranberry Sauce Muffins: Test 1

After your Thanksgiving celebrations are done, the turkey eaten, the pants unbuttoned, the last bit of leftovers is always the cranberry sauce. What to do with this food now? Who will keep the sauce from going bad? I present you with a wonderful solution! Muffins!!

Cranberry Relish: Test 1

Fresh cranberry sauce, or cranberry relish, is often overlooked as an ideal turkey condiment. I am not sure why no one has noticed how well this fruit mash works with turkey. Honestly I’ve eaten this stuff by the spoonful because it’s just that good.

Caramel Pecan Pumpkin Monkey Bread: Test 1

This was my first attempt at this luxurious cake. I tried hard not to change the procedure described in the source recipe and it paid off. This sticky, gooey mound of sugar coated dough lumps it like heaven on earth. Give it a try too and you won’t regret it!

Butternut Squash Revioli: Test 1

Ok so I have a confession to make. My butternut squash puree was mostly pumpkin. The good news is that the butternut squash would be actually even better because it’s sweeter and more flavorful than the pumpkin. That said, this whole dish was phenomenal. If you’re feeling the first chills of the year to are deep into winter, this is sure to warm you right up.

Jewish Honey Cake: Test 3

This test and Test 2 were done simultaneously to better compare the effects of switching out coffee for tea. This test focuses on the combination of cloves and allspice as well as the original coffee. For me, this is the ideal honey cake.

Kiev Tort: Test 1

This is a crisp, melt in your mouth, boozy cake. Definitely one of my favorites! I didn’t make too many changes on this first test from the reference and I do encourage you to go read the original. She’s one funny lady!