Recipes Worth Repeating

For those who just want to skip to the end, please enjoy this list of my latest revision recipes that are worth repeating.

Meringue Based Mocha Marshmallows: Test 1

The vanilla marshmallows relied on the heated sugar and the gelatin for its structure but David Lebovitz has a different approach in which he also adds meringue as part of the base. I felt that my marshmallow adventures just wouldn’t be complete without trying this out.

Sugar-Free Tangerine Marshmallows: Test 1

Marshmallows should be like biting into a sweet cloud. Like condensed cotton candy with a spring to it – gentle and delicate. This is what these recipes strive to achieve regardless of flavor.

Vanilla Marshmallows: Test 1

These classical vanilla marshmallows will blow away the store bought version. Light, airy, delicate, and richly vanilla flavored.

Pita Bread: Test 1

Pitas are a bread I grew up eating and have missed greatly. The pitas in the United States are these sad, dry things that only resemble what I ate as a child in that they have a pocket. My goal with this recipe is to achieve a pita that is light, fluffy, soft, and having a pocket would be nice too.

Two-Toned Croissant: Test 2

Two-toned croissants are the latest trend in all the posh bakeries these days. Turns out, this effect is not so hard to reproduce in your own kitchen assuming you are already making some croissants.

Basic Croissant Dough: Test 2

The croissant is a classic pastry made by encasing butter in a yeasted dough and folding it multiple times to create layers. This process is known as laminating and yields a flaky texture while the yeast adds large air pockets. Thereby you are left with a pastry that is buttery and rich but light and crisp all at the same time. The experiments described here explores the basic croissant recipe and common pitfalls as well as exploration into additions to the dough and fillings.

Cranberry Sauce Muffins: Test 1

Muffins are often associated with breakfast and so the requirements are a little different than for a cake. To me, a good muffin needs to be crisp on top and almost crusty while on the inside should be a moist and light crumb. Lastly, it needs to not be a dessert. No frostings, not excessively sweet, and relatively shelf stable.

Cranberry Jelly: Test 1

This classical presentation is what most people have grown up knowing as cranberry sauce and the cranberry condiments wouldn’t be complete without it. Still very simple to make and can be presented in the the shape of a can for that nostalgic feel or made in a more elegant mold to bump it up a notch.

Cranberry Jam: Test 1

Cranberry jam is a form of cranberry sauce that has fruit bits in it but is thick like jam. This for me was what I always thought of as cranberry sauce growing up as my parents never used the canned stuff. It’s rich, spiced, sweet, and tart. The fruit bits in it mean that you get a little extra tart punch.

Cranberry Relish: Test 1

Cranberry relish isn’t seen as often at the Thanksgiving table as the jam or jelly variety of cranberry sauce but the result is a very pleasant, fresh condiment. It is not as heavily spiced and contains apples unlike its brethren but still packs a tart kick.

Caramel Pecan Pumpkin Monkey Bread: Test 1

You know this recipe is good just by how many words are in the title. Monkey bread is generally just chunks of bread stacked together in a pan and baked to create a pull-apart cake. To me, monkey bread is also gooey, delicate, and luxurious. You know it’s luxurious by how much butter coats this thing.

Butternut Squash Revioli: Test 1

Butternut Squash ravioli is the epitome of fall foods. It combines the sweetness of fall gourds and spices with savory herbs, all encased in delicate dough and smothered in butter. For my butternut squash ravioli, I aim for a filling that brings out the sweetness of the butternut and balances it with a bit of tang from goat cheese, and brought back to earth with some sage.

Fresh Pasta: Test 1

Pasta is a very versatile dish as the dough itself is rather bland and lends well to sauces and toppings. To me a pasta should be delicate enough to be worth making fresh but tough enough to survive rough handling with a fork as it is spun around the fork into saucy spools.

Rum Babas: Test 2

The rum baba is a delicate yeast based cake soaked in a rum syrup. I’ve also heard them called Sabrina cakes or sometimes called a Savarin cake depending on the shape. Savarin is shaped like a bundt cake while a baba is shaped like individual little buckets though I’ve seen them as small rings as well. For mine, I like to make them into individual little bunts as they’re beautiful especially when served with fresh whipped cream and some fruit.

Jewish Honey Cake: Test 3

This is the honey cake I grew up with as a child in Israel. Sweet, moist, and heavily spiced. Great autumn bake and compliments the apple season nicely for the Jewish New Year.

Kiev Tort: Test 1

This cake is referenced as being a more traditional version. It is comprised of two meringue layers only, without any sponge cake in between. The meringue, when dried properly, is crisp but not teeth shattering. Light and airy, this cake makes a great end of meal dessert. The buttercream here is also heavy in egg yolks which makes it rich, flavorful, and more delicate.