About Exploratory Kitchen

Like many people, I have a job that pays the bills. I am not a chef, I have never worked in a professional kitchen, and I have no formal training. What I have is a kitchen in a tiny apartment, 2 cats, and a bottomless passion for flavor, texture, and playing with food.

For years I learned alone, with other bloggers teaching me and beautiful professional photos of incredible pastries inspiring me. One day, I found that the food I wished to produce no longer came with step by step instructions. Chefs rightfully guard their secrets but I was left alone.

Thus, Exploratory Kitchen was born – a playground of sorts where I myself answer my own questions. What happens when you add freeze dried fruit into a yeast based dough? Can I make this recipe better? Why are there no recipes online for my latest vision. Can it work?

This is a unique site. The recipes I work with are aggregated into Notebooks. This allows me to easily compare and track various Tests for each recipe type. If you’re looking for a recipe, checkout the Notebooks menu.

If you don’t want to read, just go here!