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For everyone else, this is a unique site which focuses on recipe development. The recipes I work with are aggregated into Notebooks. This allows me to easily compare and track various Tests for each recipe type. If you’re looking for a recipe, checkout the Notebooks menu or the Recipes Worth Repeating section.

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Hot Cocoa Mix: Test 1

In this hot cocoa mix I aimed for a rich, lush cup of hot cocoa with the idea that adding real chocolate should improve flavor and texture. This recipe incorporates a lot of high quality bittersweet chocolate as well as cocoa to try to achieve a perfect chocolatey cup.

Meringue Based Mocha Marshmallows: Test 1

The vanilla marshmallows relied on the heated sugar and the gelatin for its structure but David Lebovitz has a different approach in which he also adds meringue as part of the base. I felt that my marshmallow adventures just wouldn’t be complete without trying this out.

Sugar-Free Tangerine Marshmallows: Test 1

Marshmallows should be like biting into a sweet cloud. Like condensed cotton candy with a spring to it – gentle and delicate. This is what these recipes strive to achieve regardless of flavor.

Vanilla Marshmallows: Test 1

These classical vanilla marshmallows will blow away the store bought version. Light, airy, delicate, and richly vanilla flavored.

Pita Bread: Test 1

Pitas are a bread I grew up eating and have missed greatly. The pitas in the United States are these sad, dry things that only resemble what I ate as a child in that they have a pocket. My goal with this recipe is to achieve a pita that is light, fluffy, soft, and having…

Two-Toned Croissant: Test 2

Two-toned croissants are the latest trend in all the posh bakeries these days. Turns out, this effect is not so hard to reproduce in your own kitchen assuming you are already making some croissants.

Two-Toned Croissant: Test 1

Two-Toned Croissant: Test 1 Yield: 12 Croissants Active Time: 3 hours Total Time: 3 days

Basic Croissant Dough: Test 2

The croissant is a classic pastry made by encasing butter in a yeasted dough and folding it multiple times to create layers. This process is known as laminating and yields a flaky texture while the yeast adds large air pockets. Thereby you are left with a pastry that is buttery and rich but light and…

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